Restructuring Loans

This loan is for you if:


  • you have debts of £15000 or below (though we do consider loans up to £20,000 in some cases)
  • you only pay the minimum due on your credit card on a regular basis and don’t see this changing
  • you have to economise on essential items to make your credit repayments
  • your repayments are up to date but you are not sure you can maintain this
  • you do not have a DRO, Debt Management Plan or IVA
  • the monthly repayments on your total debt come to more than the repayments for the same amount/term on the slider below
Use the sliders below to select the amount and term and calculate the repayments on a Restructuring Loan.

Select how much you wish to borrow


Select how long you wish to borrow the money for

Once you have selected the amount you would like to borrow, the results will appear below.

Your Loan Details

monthly payments of: £

Total repayment: £

Total interest: £ (APR: %)

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We will also need you to send in your most recent bank statement showing at least TWO months’ transactions and proof of income and also a statement of all the accounts you wish to settle through the Restructuring Loan showing the current balance. If you regularly use more than one bank account please provide statements for those accounts, too.



Restructuring Loans carry a higher rate of interest than our standard car and personal loans, but this rate will be very much lower than the rates on high-cost credit. So, less of your regular repayment has to cover interest, and more repays the principal, making the overall debt more manageable and affordable. You could even find your regular repayment, on the higher total loan, actually reduces, if you’ve been paying very high-interest rates.

If you have an active Debt Management Plan, IVA or DRO or the interest on your accounts is frozen it may not be in your best interest to take a Restructuring Loan, please contact us before applying.

Since the Restructuring Loan is assessed on the basis that the existing high-cost debt is actually repaid from the new loan, you will be required to provide evidence (e.g. a closing statement) that this has been done. To ensure that existing debt is repaid the new loan will be held in a disbursal account and released in instalments one or two creditors at a time. We also expect you not to take on significant new consumer debt, but instead to start regular saving – around £20 a month – with CMCU, in parallel with repaying the loan. If you do not comply with these conditions – that is, if you fail to repay the existing debt, leaving your total debt much higher, and by our tests unaffordable – we will have to treat the loan as high risk, and reserve the right to raise the interest rate to 19% APR to reflect that, therefore it will be this rate and not the discounted rate that is stated on your loan agreement.

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