Premier Investment Account

The Premier Investment Account replaced the Founder Member Bond on 1st January 2016 although the terms and conditions are very similar. From 1st October 2016 all lump sum deposits over £2000 will be held as Premier Investment Accounts. A copy of the account terms and conditions can be found here


  • The account will be available for the foreseeable future
  • For legal reasons we cannot guarantee a dividend in advance. CMCU paid a dividend of 0.75% for the trading year October 2015-September 2016 on a average daily balance
  • Dividends are paid before tax
  • There are no penalties for withdrawals but if the balance of the account falls below £1995 for more than 30 days it will revert to a Regular Savers’ Account.
  • The initial deposit is a minimum of £2000.
  • Additional deposits can be made up to a maximum of £25000.

Want to make a one off deposit but under £2000? You may make a one off deposit between £100 and £1995 into a Regular Saver’s Account without having to commit to further payments. Just let us know that’s what you are doing.

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