Personal Loans

Personal Loan: Loans from £250-£15000 for members to repay by payroll deduction or straight from your bank account. The interest charged on these loans and the length of time you can borrow the money varies but all our loan rates are competitive when compared with similar products on the market. See the loan repayment calculator for rates and terms. Churches’ Mutual does not offer payday loans but expects all loans to be repaid within a realistic time frame and a manageable budget.


CMCU loans are offered on an affordability basis, therefore we will take into consideration your monthly income, your expenditure and your overall credit history. A word version of our application form can be downloaded from this page. Once completed (you may need to activate overtype mode in Word for ease of completion) please email it with your most recent one month’s bank statement to Or if you would prefer a PDF of the form is available on our ‘Downloadable Forms’ page.

CMCU Loan Application Form – Word Version

Value £250-£750 £751-£1500 £1501-£2500 £2501-£5000 £5001-£7499


APR 30.7% 25% 12.5% 6%-10.5% 5%-5.3%
Typical Term 6-12 months 12-24 months 18-30 months 24-40 months 30-48 months
Suggested purpose White Goods, Car repairs Holidays Furniture Furniture Renovations, Small Home Improvements Home improvements Vehicles

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