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Do you already save with Churches’ Mutual? Do you work for a employer that offers payroll savings with Churches’ Mutual? Are you looking for a way to spread the cost of Christmas? Or do you have another expense you could do with some help with. Whether it is £300.00 for a new washing machine, £2000.00 for a new boiler or £15000.00 towards a new kitchen, take advantage of Churches’ Mutual discounted rates for payroll savers. Why choose a Churches’ Mutual loan over a credit card or overdraft?

  • Competitive – compare our payroll loan rate to small loan rates available
  • Manageable  – affordable repayments and a clear start and end date
  • Convenient – repayment direct from salary or stipend
  • Unambiguous –  our advertised rate is what we lend at

and every repayment includes a small amount for saving – equivalent to £1.00 a week that results in cashback at the end of your loan…or that start of a bigger nest egg.

Loan Value Monthly Repayment/Term* APR Savings at end of Loan
£500 £50.00 x 12 months 19.8% £48.00
£1000 £94.00 x 12 months 13.4% £54.00
£1500 £96.00 x 18 months 13.4% £72.00
£2500 £120.00 x 24 months 10.5% £96.00
£5000 £155.00 x 36 months 5.4% £144.00
£7500 £208.00 x 40 months 4.9% £160.00
£10000 £234.00 x 48 months 4.9% £192.00
£15000 £286.00 x 60 months 4.9% £360.00

*small variations may occur depending on the length of time between taking your loan and the first repayment. The following employers are currently part of the payroll deduction scheme:

  • Methodist Connexion
  • Methodist Ministers
  • Church of England Church Commissioners
  • Church of England NCIs
  • Church of Scotland
  • Church in Wales
  • United Reformed Church

We are always looking to extend the number of eligible employers (churches and charities) from the denominations in its common bond we work with. If you think your employer should offer payroll savings through CMCU please ask your HR department to contact us. A word version of our application form can be downloaded from this page. Once completed (you may need to activate overtype mode in Word for ease of completion) please email it with your most recent one month’s bank statement to Or if you would prefer a PDF of the form is available on our ‘Downloadable Forms’ page. CMCU Loan Application Form – Word Version Contact us today for a quote or more information:

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