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Car Loan: Loans from £5000 – £15000 at 3.9%-4.3% APR to members who can repay through payroll deduction. Use the table below for a indicative monthly repayment or use the contact form below to request a specific quotation. Rates Summary: £5000-£7499     –  4.3% £7500-£15000    –  3.9%   Our discounted rates of 3.9% and 4.3% are available on loans repaid by payroll deduction. Not on payroll? We’ve cut our personal loan rates too.  Visit our personal loans page for more information

The table below will give an idea of the monthly repayment for a loan of that value and term. For more information please contact us on 01452 500 463 or email

Loan Value Monthly Repayment (36 Months) Monthly Repayment (48 Months) Monthly Repayment (60 Months)
£5000 £148.10 £114.40  -
£6000 £177.70 £136.10  -
£7500 £220.80 £168.30 £133.84
£9000 £265.00 £202.50 £165.00
£10500 £309.10 £236.20 £192.50
£12000 £353.30 £270.00 £220.00
£13500 £398.00 £303.70 £247.50
£15000 £441.60 £337.40 £275.00

Car loans are available to members at a beneficial rate of interest if they repay through deduction from their salary. This is because it costs the credit union less to process these repayments and we pass this saving onto the borrower. The credit union car loan is available to any member whose repayments are deducted at source from their salary (not just the stipendiary ministers) and replaces the Church Commissioner’s Car Loan scheme. However because the loan is now made from credit union funds it is based on affordability and the credit union will ask you to provide more information regarding your household, your income and your expenditure than under the previous scheme. Car loans must be used to purchase a car and we will ask you to provide proof of purchase within 28 days of the loan agreement. If you do not do this the interest rate on the loan will revert to the usual tariff for the amount borrowed. We do not require information regarding the vehicle you intend to purchase but we do advise you to buy wisely, obtain an HPI check and use a reputable dealer. Credit Union car loans are usually made over four years and you should expect the car to be roadworthy for the length of the term. A word version of our application form can be downloaded from this page. Once completed (you may need to activate overtype mode in Word for ease of completion) please email it with your most recent one month’s bank statement to Or if you would prefer a PDF of the form is available on our ‘Downloadable Forms’ page. CMCU Loan Application Form – Word Version

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